Top 10 Clothing Brands For Women In India

In this article list of top 10 clothing brands for women in India has been given. The clothing brands of all over the world reflect and represent the creativeness of the designers. The designers form the powerhouse which forms the powerhouse allowing the apparel companies to produce and work for the clothing under the name of the fashion house they own. Depending upon the fashion that these brands create, the trends spread like fire all across boundaries. The fashion industry is among the fastest growing industries in the world. Change is the only thing which has remained constant in the fashion industry since immemorial time. Currently the fashion industry in India is considered dynamic.

Top 10 Clothing Brands For Women In India

Top 10 Clothing Brands For Women In India

Due to ever increasing fashion consciousness among Indians over the last few decades, the Indian fashion industry has been experiencing a boom. The middle aged home makers, the funky college kid or the top notch everyone seems to have developed the fashion sense which is very classy and distinct. Indians really believe that clothes make a man.The top 10 clothing brands of women in India are as follows:

Ritu Wears:

Ritu Wars is the biggest family store chain present in the North India and it is the leading name in the fashion industry of Delhi. Ritu Wears has the loyal following today. Currently this group has the 10 stores and it is rapidly expanding throughout the North India.

Rohit Bal:

Rohit Bal is the fashion designer from New Delhi. He designs for both men and women. Rohit Bal was born in Kashmir and then moved to Delhi. He was always passionate about the designs. The designs of Rohit Bal integrate both the modern and traditional worlds. The creative gestures are reflected well in his designs.


FI is also a famous women clothing brand in India. This brand offers the Western wear and is perfect to trendy and stylish women. The clothing of this brand is inspired by unique custom made tattoos, angel wing, rockabilly and bikers.


The owner of the label Sabyasachi is Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a well known Indian fashion designer from Kolkata. He has designed the costumes for Bollywood starts in films like Babul, Raavan, Guzaarish, Lagga Chunari Mein Daag etc. The design philosophy of Sabyasachi is personalized imperfection of the human hand.


Biba was the iconic and popular London fashion store of the 1970s and 1960s. Biba was started and primarily was run by the polish born Barbara Hulaniciki with the help of her husband Stephen Fitz-Simon. Biba is one of the most popular top clothing brands for women in India.

Fish Fry:

Fish Fry was founded by Manish Arora. In 2001 Manish Arora launched his second label which was Fish Fry. Manish Arora is an Indian fashion designer based in New Delhi. He was appointed as the creative director of women wear collection of the French house Paco Rabanne.


Remanika is the renowned womenswear brand. It is one of the fastest growing women’s western wear label in India. It started its work in 1996 and its products include women dresses, shirts, tops, denims, jackets, capris and pants.

Satya Paul:

Satya Paul is an Indian Designer label which is known for the ethnic cloths. This was founded in 1 April 1985, by Satya Paul. It was the first designer label in India which brand sarees with designer logo and exhibited their collection in the format of fashion shows.


The label of Bizarre was first introduced in 1987 to fulfill the demands and needs of the Indian woman for Western styled clothing. Today Bizarre stands for strength, sexiness, individuality and self expression.


Levi Strauss and company is a privately held clothing company which is famous worldwide for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans. It was founded in 1853. It is a very famous denim clothing brand for women in India.

All these top 10 clothing brands for women in India are very famous and well known among all women, due to quality and best material.

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