Hottest Makeup Trends 2018 For Summer, Winter

The catwalks have spoken and these are the Hottest Makeup Trends 2018 For Summer, Winter seasons. With so many makeup trends constantly floating on and off of the “What’s Hot” makeup list, it can be hard to know where to start when trying to pull off the sexiest looks of all time. Every season, a host of distinguished designers use their intuition, creativity and artistic flair to dress the ramp with fashions that bring out the feel and vibe of the season. They dazzle onlookers with their creative genius and color the season with their style.

Spring make-up collections have taken a step over to the dark side for 208, with unseasonably moody, slightly “off” hues cropping up everywhere from Chanel to Topshop. Of course the season’s usual pretty pastels, bold brights and warm bronzes are all present and correct – see spring’s romantic pinks, peaches and nudes here – but joined by cool purples, smoky greys and dusty greens.

Hottest Makeup Trends 2018 For Summer, Winter

Hottest Makeup Trends 2018 For Summer, Winter

Smokey Eyes:

The smokey eye is the easiest and most classic way to create that sex appeal you desire. Plus, it’s highly ideal for a night out with the ladies. The easiest way to achieve this look is to first pick three colors of the same genre. For example; silver, grey, black. Place the lightest color (silver) all over your lid and halfway up to your brow. Brush the middle color (grey) in the crease and a bit above. Take the darkest color (black) and brush that into the corner of your eye like a triangle. Blend, blend, blend and finish the look with some smudged liner on the top and bottom, putting emphasis on the outer corners. Load on the lashes and you’ll be blowing out smoke in no time.

Sunset Eyes:

Grab your colorful palettes because the sunset eye look is always one that is highly desirable and in Hottest Makeup Trends 2018 For Summer, Winter. The neat thing about this eyeshadow trend is that you can truly play around with it to find all kinds of variations of it. For example, you may want a matte gold sunset one day, or a shimmering one the next. You get to decide what kind of sunshine you want to share within your eye makeup.

Inner Sparkle:

This is definitely one of the easiest makeup trends to pull off, as well as one of the simplest in appearance but do not underestimate its power. Adding a touch of sparkle to the inner corner of your eyes will provide an amazing spark to whatever shadow trend you’re rocking. Add a dab of silver, or sparkling white to the inner corner and drag it along both top and bottom lashes until it reaches the rest of your makeup look. The stunning shimmer will complete any look you’re trying to pull off.

Barbie Lips:

Lust worthy lips are all about getting those pink Barbie lipsticks out and blotting those bad boys along your smoochers. Have some fun and indulge in pops of pinks that you wouldn’t have tried before reading this post. Go loud and luscious with a neon rich fuschia, or keep it bold and bashful with bubblegum pinks.

Neon Colors:

Channel your inner kindergarten and get creative because the hottest makeup trend is all about not being afraid of colors. There are one too many tutorials and makeup trends out there that keep the look safe and neutral. What about all the ladies that have some individuality? This ones for you! Pick out the colors of the rainbow and get happy. Neon shadows, colorful liners and color blasted lips are super trendy this season.  Be sure to only indulge in one trend at a time or you may resemble a clown instead of a Barbie.

Cat Eyeliner:

It’s time to add the meow into your look, ladies and also in Hottest Makeup Trends 2018 For Summer, Winter. The cat eyeliner trend is a total classic and it’s about time for you to indulge and treat yourself to a little sex kitten appeal. Start at your inner corner and keep your eyeliner close to your lash line. Allow it to get thicker as you reach the outer corner of your eye and finish it off with a sweep.

Black And Bold Peepers:

Among Hottest Makeup Trends 2018 For Summer, Winter this look is very similar to the previous trend mentioned, however it’s a little more edgier. The grunge trend is one that is certainly amongst the most daring makeup looks as it can be hard to keep it chic and neat. If you’re unsure, blend your blacks to blur the edginess but if you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, create a fine line of black contrast with a stunning liner and sharp shadow.

Bronze Shadows:

Pull out your metallics, and browns that sparkle because shimmering brown lids are always a highly desirable look. It gives you that sex kitten look without the kitten part. Think more of a big cat appeal because the trending bronze shadows give a cheetah roar instead of a kitty cat meow. Sweet a shimmering brown shadow across your lids, and add some darker tones in the crease for definition and voila.

Variations Of Winged Liner:

This makeup trend is fairly similar to the prior. In fact, it is the cat liner trend, only with a variety of different ways to do it. Some makeup trends for the winged out liner can be thick and short, while others are thin and dragged out. Some fill the whole lid, while others smudge the liner in. Play around with your talent to find a winged liner that fits your personality. The best thing is that no matter what you choose to fit you, it’s haute because all winged liners are always on the trending list.

Glitz And Glam:

Sparkles of silvers and gray hues are totally a hit on the haute makeup trends that last throughout season to season. Fan your shimmering shadows out in a winged motion as you would if you were to be creating a cat liner look, and add a stunningly bold contrast of black liner to get the Hollywood glitz and glam of this haute look. Of course, top the look off with stunning lashes or a set of full faux ones and you’re red carpet ready. All these THottest Makeup Trends 2018 For Summer, Winter will provide stunning and glamorous look to women.

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