Top 10 Most Expensive Female Perfumes In The World

Top 10 most expensive women perfumes all time in the world have some classic points in them which make them special and different from other perfumes. Women are elegant as well as beautiful. Ladies are considered to be the symbol of elegance, delicacy and beauty. Women are very conscious about their looks and their dressing. Dressing up does not only means that you wear clothes of current fashion it include other things as well like cosmetics, accessories, shoes and even perfumes. Perfume and fragrance are the part of our lifestyle and also fashion. Everyone like unique perfumes that matches with their personality. With technology the fragrance industry has also gone far away it is now not just limited to a couple of fragrances. There are man fragrances now that suit a particular skin type. Men choose some unique and cool in perfumes while women always choose the perfumes that reflect their mood and their personality. The best perfumes for women are indisputably beautiful and they represent their place in history as well as they are timeless enough to remain popular. List of top 10 and best women perfumes all over the world has been given below.

Top 10 And Best Women Perfumes In The World 2014

Top 10 Best Women Perfumes All Time In The World 2013-2014

Chanel No.5:

Chanel No.5 is a classic fragrance that was first launched in 1921, Coco Chanel created this timeless fragrance with the hints of vanilla, jasmine, may rose for a perfume with the scent of a woman. Chanel No.5 is one of the best perfume in the world today. Chanel No.5 is an all time favorite fragrance for women and it is considered to be going a long way. Chanel No.5 is lighter and fresher perfume that is great for using in evening.

Gucci By Gucci:

The brand Gucci is one of the most popular brand all around the world, his brand is like but celebrities too. Gucci By Gucci always remain number 1 on the list of world famous perfumes. Gucci fragrance for women smells rich and that is why women love this fragrance. Even the packing and design of this perfume make it exclusive and classy in nature. Gucci perfumes are made from the blend of tiara flower with other ingredients such as honeyed Patchouli and pear. This fragrance is suitable for special occasions and evenings.

Marc Jacobs Daisy:

Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance bottle comes with a fascinating head design that looks like a collection of flower petal. This fragrance is very classy and this combines sweet smelling of violet leaves with the ruby red grape fruit, wild strawberry and vanilla. Marc Jacobs Daisy is sparkling and playful at the same time. This fragrance is ideal for all occasions and is perfect with any accessory or any outfit. Every woman love to have Marc Jacobs Daisy in her collections.

Tommy Girls From Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger has become a household name is the last couple of decades, and its fragrance is one of the most liked fragrance among teenage girls and young adult. The packing of Tommy Girl makes this perfume appealing, the pink colored outer cover and the touches of pink surrounding the bottle give it a unique look. Tommy Girls From Tommy Hilfiger is a temptating and fresh scent that attracts men naturally any time. This fragrance is ideal for all occasions, specially for gigs and parties.

Euphoria Crystalline Edition By Calvin Klein:

Euphoria Crystalline Edition By Calvin Klein is one of the most popular fragrances, everything about Euphoria is different even the shape of container is very different just the way fragrance combines with lotus, amber, wood and black orchid scents. This blend of scents will accompany you everywhere you go. Calvin Klein was first launched in the year 2005 and it has be reformulated and re-packed again t make it one of the admired fragrances. This perfume has the mahogany wood, black violet, amber and black orchid with their natural scents.

Opium Perfume By Yves Saint Laurent:

Opium Perfume By Yves Saint Laurent is one of the high range fragrances for women and is also one of the most loved perfumes among the classy women worldwide. Opium Perfume By Yves Saint Laurent is concentrated version of the older version that was released some years ago. This fragrance is very warm and earthy in nature and it combines opulence with the simple nature. This fragrance has been formulated with ingredients that include jasmine, mandarin, Lily of the valley, amber and patchouli. It is also a wonderful mixture of the greatest natural ingredients.

Caron’s Poivre:

Included in the top three is a fragrance by French perfumery Caron, even if its price is less than 10% of the number one most expensive perfume. Caron’s Poivre is a unisex fragrance that has been around since the 50’s. It has a top note of spicy pepper which is what makes it appeal to both men and women. A veteran perfumery in France, Caron is best known for having a ‘nose’ or a master perfumer who ensures their perfumes smell amazing.


Baccarat is the only crystal manufacturer that has entered the perfume industry. After making bottles for the Clive Christian scents, the company decided to come up with a scent for its own brand. The scent was meant to have a middle eastern aroma which is why it is a concoction of frankincense and myrrh. It comes in a crystal bottle that is made out of crystal, of course, and is shaped like a pyramid

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