Top 7 Makeup Trends Women Love But Men Hate

In this article top 7 makeup trends have been given that women love but men hate so that you know these makeup mistakes done by others and choose your makeup wisely. This spring we saw some of the most dramatic looks on the runways and these are making their way onto our faces that include shimmering glitter, blue eyeshadows, neon lips and golden bronzers. But not everything that we dabble on will pleasure everyone. Some of the biggest beauty obsessions may turn-off for guys. Men have very strong opinion on what they love and what they hate when it comes to makeup of women. Many forms of complex makeup tricks may look good on the celebrities and models but men may not like them on you. The opinion of men are divided, mostly they do not agree on the looks they love and hate. Some men prefer no makeup or the nude makeup while some men prefer the heavy makeup looks.

Top 7 Makeup Trends Women Love But Men Hate

7 Makeup Trends Women Love But Men Hate


Glitters are the essential part in vanity of women. But girls should be cautious as well as aware while wearing glitters and make sure to keep the glitters light and do not sparkle all over the face. Avoid using glitters in day time and also do not over do glitters.

Bold Eyeshadows:

Bold eyeshadows look very cool on TV and in movies or on Avril Lavigne but in real life bold eyeshadows are not good choice for you. If you still want to use dark and bold eyeshadows then it is advised to take some professional help.

Bold Or Very Thin Eyebrows:

A too thin eyebrow will require a lot of maintenance moreover they sometimes ruin your beauty. Bold eyebrows may give you a masculine look which can be a huge turn off for men. Take professional help to decide a perfect eyebrow shape which will complement your face.

Neon Lips:

Neon lips or the electric pouts are in the latest color trend for lips this season but this trend does not suit on every lips. Many men find this trend quite unattractive.

Dark Lips:

Many women love to wear dark lip colors, but these colors are unattractive and a huge turn off for many men. In daytime wear pastel colors and light color lipsticks, wear dark shades only at night time. Brown is an all time favorite dark color in lipstick.

Heavy Powder And Heavy Foundation:

Boys get attracted towards the natural beauty of girls, on the other hand thick makeup is the thing that men hate. Do a makeup which is not made up. Always apply a thin coat of foundation, merge the foundation properly so that patches are not visible on your face. Finally apply face powder for completing your look. Also do not apply to much powder.

Rosy Cheeks:

A little blush or bronzer complete your makeup look and is all time favorite. Rosy cheeks give you a great effect but at the same time overdoing rosy cheeks will give you an unattractive look that is greatly disliked by men.

All these top 7 makeup trends women love but men mostly hate can make women look unattractive and boring so take take of these points while choosing your makeup trends to wear on.

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