Traditional Dresses Pakistani Women Love To Wear

In the traditional dresses that Pakistani women love to wear, Shalwar kameez comes at tops of the list. Every and each culture has its on rules, customs and traditions. The cultures are the pride of a country or any specific region. Customs of the country reveals the affection and love of the people for their traditions. The center of Eastern traditions is Pakistan.Pakistani culture is the form of Eastern culture which is very famous all over the world due to its uniqueness and exclusiveness. And the cultural dresses, occasion, rituals , celebrations and festivals of Pakistan are appreciated by people all over the world. The traditional dresses that Pakistani women love to wear are also very famous among people.Pakistani Eastern culture has its own charm, identification and uniqueness. Pakistan has the treasure of culture and every province has its own specific theme of culture.

Pakistani women mostly love to wear the traditional dresses of Pakistan and these are rich in their outlook, elegant designing and quality. Pakistani has different cultures like Punjabi, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Balochi and Pashtun culture of clothing. Pakistani dresses have grace and also beauty in them which is easily seen in the Pakistani women dresses. Fashion has up dated the clothing of Pakistani women.Long shirts with trousers, churidar pajamas, Angrakha, tops with short shirts, A-line shirts, Panel frocks etc. have added the colors of beauty with modernism in the dresses of Pakistani women but the traditional look is always carried out in all the dresses.

Traditional Dresses Pakistani Women Love To Wear

Traditional Dresses Pakistani Women Love To Wear

When it comes to traditional dressing of Pakistan the first outfit that came in mind is always Shalwar Kameez. Shalwar Kameez is the national dress of Pakistan. It is a very comfortable dress and is very easy to carry. It is famous among men and women of all ages and all tastes. It is worn by women and men at all events casually and also formally. Shalwar Kameez gives a graceful as well as traditional look. Modern styles and designs have been added in this clothing to make it more stylish. Now a days long Kameez with churidar pajamas or loose trousers in the most demanding outfit.

Every province has its specific clothing culture that shows the interests and taste of the people of that particular region. In Sindh long shirts with lehenga of hand embroidery is very famous outfit. The embroidery done on lehenga represents the cultural value of Sindh culture. Ajrak is a traditional shawl that is worn by the men in Sindh. Punjabi people mostly prefer the Shalwar Kameez. Women mostly wear ghagra in Khyber Pakhtoonkh. And as a traditional cap specific, Dastar is used by men. In Baluchistan women use the suit with mirror work embroidery and men like to wear waistcoats.

In Pakistan also the color schemes of the outfit are selected according to the occasion like for basant, mehndi and dholki women love to wear the yellow and green color combinations. Pakistani designers have used all these traditional clothing in their new collection. Ajrak prints and mirror work embroidery is the most important part of latest trendy collections. Frocks are also traditional dressing of Pakistan. Women love to wear frocks on all occasions, parties, festivals and functions.Anarkali frocks, frock with panels, Angrakha style frock and A-Line frocks are very traditional and common dresses of Pakistani women.

When ever you talk about clothing inĀ  Pakistan main important thing to mention is Dupatta. Dupatta is the essential part of Pakistan culture and it is also the Islamic obligation for the women. Now a days dupattas are available in very beautiful and trendy designs which make you look stylish. Dupatta completes the dress of a Pakistani women giving a graceful look.Pakistani Women love to wear the stylish dupattas with the traditional dresses.

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