Wedding Day Jewelry For The Bride In India

Wedding day jewelry for the brides in India are of different varieties and different styles that changes with fashion and brides demands. Jewelry is of different styles and different styles to suit at different occasions. The varieties of jewelry changes with the changing fashion trends. As the result of changing fashions there are many categories of Indian jewelry that have been evolved over the years. Gold is the all time favorite jewelery but there are also many other jewelery varieties that are liked a lot by women and young girls these days. Indian Kundan jewelery sets are very famous not only in India but also in many other countries. Kundan jewelry is the gemstone jewelery that has received the patronage of Mughal Kings as well as Royals of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Kundan jewelry is very elaborate as well as bright. Designers come up with newer as well as exquisite jewelry patterns every year and Kundan jewelry continues to become as popular as it was centuries ago. Pearl jewelry is also very famous in India. The rich as well as poor like the pearls, natural pearls are very expensive so cultured pearls and imitation pearls are also used for making this jewelry so that everyone can afford them.

Wedding Day Jewelry For The Bride In India

Wedding Day Jewelry For Indian Brides

Indian bridal jewelry sets are mostly heavy and are also very expensive but some brides also prefer light bridal jewelry sets. Top 10 jewelry brands of India can help women to find a suitable jewelry set that matches with their personality. Polka jewelry is also preferred by brides on wedding day. This jewelry is also gemstone jewelry that was used by the Royal and Mughal families. This jewelry design in back in fashion. Polki jewelry is similar with the Kundan jewelry in appearance but it is generally more expensive than the Kundan jewelry. Polki jewelry is made by using uncut diamonds that are mined from the Earth whereas Kundan jewelry can be prepared with the cheaper gemstone that are available in different price ranges. Bead jewelry is also making a good market in India that is also known as the tribal jewelry. The general wedding jewelery include mostly earrings, bands and pendant but the native bridal jewelery of India there are many other additions that make the bride more beautiful and attractive.

Mangalsutra is one of the preferred jewelry item for the Indian brides without which a bride or a married woman is incomplete. It is the locket that represents marriage. Nose pin or nath is also important part of Indian jewelry that is made up of different materials mostly silver and silver coins. Gold bangles and anklet are also parts of Indian jewelry that give traditional look to the Indian brides. Matha Patti is also very demanding jewelry item among brides these days, it is a hair accessory worn on the forehead by the Indian brides on the wedding day. Matha Patti is make up of silver, gold, diamond, crystals, pearls and also kundan. Wedding day jewelry for the bride in India is of different price ranges so that every bride can wear beautiful and heavy jewelry on her special day.

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Indian bridal jewelry is also crafted in different styles according to the demands of customers thus make a new design.

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