What Shoes To Wear With A Red Short Prom Dress

No dress is complete without the perfect set of shoes. At first, it may not seem like a hassle to pick out a pair of heels for a new formal red dress, but when surrounded by all the choices it can be overwhelming. The right color must compliment the red dress without overpowering it, and must also seem formal and fitting to the occasion. Whether it’s a party or a business meeting, find out what color shoes are a match made in heaven for that formal red dress. A red dress can be a bold fashion statement, but if worn well, it can create a look that seems both classic and seductive. When you choose accessories to wear with your dress, stick with simple, unobtrusive pieces that add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention. Keep your dress the focal point of your outfit.

What Shoes To Wear With A Red Short Prom Dress

What Shoes To Wear With Red Short Prom Dress

Black shoes work nicely with a red dress and can be used whether the dress is plain or decorative. Black is considered a more formal shoe, and is often a good choice at an office party, a meeting or an occasion where it is uncertain how formal the dress should be. Since it is neutral, black matches any color and will fit in even if you have accessories or designs on your dress that are not red. They are also unobtrusive and won’t draw unnecessary attention to your outfit at a formal meeting or event.

Red shoes work with a red dress as well because they are matching in color. The problem with a red shoe is finding the right shade. It is important to match the shoe to the dress, to make sure the shade of red is not lighter or darker than the dress itself. Using the wrong shade will make the outfit seem off and not quite put together. A red shoe that matches the dress, however, can create a nice visual effect. This is ideal for an event with a social feel, such as a formal party.

If the dress has a touch of silver or gold on it, the appropriately matching shoes can work with a red dress as well. Silver sparkles on a red dress are a common sight, and a pair of silver shoes accents this feature of the dress nicely. This still keeps a formal look to the outfit by using matching colors, but it also helps create beauty and accents the figure. Choose accessories in gold or silver to match the accents on the dress and the shoes as well.

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