What To Wear On St. Patrick’s Day In Ireland, Dublin

It’s a national holiday that’s celebrated in more countries than any other so every one must know what to wear on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, Dublin. . It’s the day that gets the whole world to think green and go green. But if you really want to get a piece of the party, you’ve got to come to Ireland on the 17th of March. Ireland on St Patrick’s Day is unlike anywhere else in the world. Saint Patrick’s Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated annually on 17 March, the death date of the most commonly-recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. Ireland celebrates its patron saint St. Patrick on the 17th of March each year. Dublin stages the biggest and most extravagant St. Patrick’s Day Parade outside New York. Literally half of Dublin’s one million population plus more than a hundred thousand visitors from all over Ireland and from abroad line the parade and turn it into Ireland’s largest street carnival. Traditionally, on St. Patrick’s Day Dubliners wear something green, a t-shirt, sweatshirt or even an odd scarf will do, and watch the parade before drowning the shamrock, that is having a pint or two in one of the many pubs lining the route of the parade. More than 675,000 revelers watched the 2009 parade through Dublin’s streets. Marching bands from Ireland, Europe and the USA partake in the parade. The music played at the parade ranges from Irish pipe and drum marches to current chart hits and bands compete with each other in costumes and dance routines.

What To Wear On St. Patrick’s Day In Ireland, Dublin

What To Wear On St. Patrick's Day In Ireland, Dublin For Women

While we no longer have treats left behind by “leprechauns,” the mischief continues into your years at university where there are loads of themed parties, fun, and frivolity. Whether you’re heading out to a bar, parade, or a party with some friends, make sure you celebrate the lucky holiday with a statement-making outfit! Here are a few tips for looking cute on St. Patrick’s Day. It may seem tacky when you see people wearing head-to-toe green at a St. Patrick’s Day event, but if you choose another color this day, you will be the one that stands out. Pick out a few green pieces to add to your outfit, without overdoing it. Keep it casual, yet chic with a fun graphic tee layered under a neutral blazer or leather jacket. Pick out a t-shirt with a quirky saying on it that suits the holiday and pair it with a great pair of dark skinny jeans. This comfortable outfit will take you from a day party to a night out. If it’s warmer where you’re celebrating, choose a short green dress with a pair of flats so you’re comfortable no matter if you’re standing at a parade or playing games at a party.

If green isn’t really your color, you can get away with just adding accents of emerald to a neutral base. Pick a black or white blouse but add on a green necklace or a fun green fedora. Buy some green eyeshadow glitter to add a little sparkle to your makeup. Another unique way to spread the holiday spirit is with a pair of opaque green tights layered underneath a black dress or skirt. It’s also a good idea to add a cardigan or light sweater over your outfit, in case it is chillier during the day or at night. Pick a green one if the rest of your clothing is neutral. Buttons, pins and jewelry are all great ways to dress up an outfit. On St. Patrick’s Day, they become ways to express the fun side of fashion. Nothing is too gaudy or outlandish. Buttons with clever (or not so clever) sayings are also encouraged. Small shamrock pins are a great and subtle way to express your support of the holiday. It is a tradition in Ireland for all attending parades and generally celebrating to wear a small collection of Shamrock fastened by a clothes pin to your top (in the same place as a badge would be worn). All the tips will help you know what to wear on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, Dublin.

St. Patrick’s day is one of those holidays that is very important when you’re in kindergarten and again when you’re in college.

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