What Top To Wear With A Long Black Skirt

What top to wear with a long black skirt is important to know so that it compliments with your look and personality. The black skirt can be one of the most versatile pieces in the wardrobe of women. A knee length pencil skirt proves to be adaptable but the A-line skirts and other cuts in these skirts can also work well. Choose the skirt with a shape that flatters your figure. Long skirts are beautiful and perfect for both seasons. Long skirts are also known as maxi skirts and these are sweeping the runways for the last few decades and these are getting popularity day by day. These are made up of patterned cotton and these also come in black jersey versions that hug your curves. Other then black these long skirts also come in many other colors, different styles and patterns. Long skirts make you look thin and tall but when paired up with the wrong top or shoes black long skirts can ruin your look.

What Top To Wear With A Long Black Skirt

What Top To Wear With Long Black Skirt

A long, black and plain skirt looks very dramatic. On formal occasions you can go with ankle length black skirt. Women also wear long black skirts on casual circumstances. Black long skirts with bright patterns and decorative details look very striking and also eye catching. If you are adding to much drama in your skirt then you need to tone down the top. Nearly all long skirts and specially the black long skirts look good when paired with the plain white tank top on top. If you are wearing a gathered and belted long black skirt then pair it up with ultra thin, button up shirt in men’s style in neutral color like black or white. In the cold season long skirt will look great with long sleeved tissue T-shirts. If you are wearing a long black skirt and you are thin then you should avoid anything that adds volume to your top.

If you are wearing a top that reaches just you waist then you will look taller as it will make your legs very long. If you want to wear a long top with long black skirt that will risk you body look long waisted and disproportionate. Choose a button down collared skirt for the most traditional option with the long black skirt and stick with colors like white or light grey for tops. If you skirt is having a high enough waistline then stuck the shirt in. With these pair black heels and stick with closed toe options. A black skirt can go from the formal look to everyday look when it is matched with the casual pieces. Go with fitted casual pieces to avoid having mismatched and sloppy look. For this choose a top in a solid color over the one with a graphic. You can choose some graphic t-shirts and avoid the baggy shirts. With these casual shirts choose black flats or the one that matches with your shirt.

With the long black skirt and casual top if you want to cover your legs then choose the black leggings and the dark wash skinny jeans. Wear the black skirt by matching with gold or silver pieces for the night out. Select a bolder top with the higher heels for clubbing. Select a glossy satin or silk top with short sleeves for elegant look or with the halter top with sequin details in bolder looks in night outs that are combined with the high heels matching with color of your top. A black and simple skirt can be matched with a black top too in order to create a fitting outfit for both formal and semi-formal occasions, like the work dinners and cocktail parties. Sleeveless top look best to have a little black dress look but the sleeve lengths may also work well. For this look for the top that is made of the same material as your skirt is so that the ensemble blends together more readily. If you know what to wear with a long black skirt then it will be easy for you to have a classic and trendy look easily.

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